Your guide to Cinavia free movies

What is Cinavia?

Maybe you've seen error messages 1 and 3 on movies like Lockout, Ted, Savages, Prometheus and other titles? When these pop-up you'll know your audio will be muted or having the playback stop. And maybe you've search used Google and forums tirelessly, trying to find a simple fix, workaround or just about any method to get rid of these problems?


Cinavia is produced by Verance, a company which specializes in audio technology. Cinavia is watermark technology, which Wikipedia describes as signals "hiding in a carrier signal". The movie companies have embedded these signals in their movies and if you're watching a film with a player which is Cinavia supported - The movie can be detected. That means the program will know which title you're watching.

If you're watching a movie - Which isn't officially released yet, the movie playback will stop. This also includes making copies of movies you own, and since the signals are deep within the audio it's difficult to find and delete. It was produced with the intent to stop movie piracy and made a huge impact when Sony decided to implement Cinavia in their video game console, the Playstation 3.

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